IFRS and Valuations - Advice and Training
Shân Kennedy MA FCA

Shan Kennedy is a chartered accountant and acknowledged expert, who provides independent advice on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and valuation matters.


Shan's previous experience includes more than twenty years in the Big 4 accounting practices.  She also spent four years working at the UK Accounting Standards Board, at the time when Sir David Tweedie was chairman.  There, she researched and developed the proposals underlying UK GAAP's FRS 10 "Goodwill and Intangible Assets" and FRS 11 "Impairment of Fixed Assets and Goodwill".


Her valuation experience stems from more 7 years working as a valuation specialist within the Big 4, including holding the position of director responsible for the valuation specialism.


Shan has worked on the IFRS transition teams of ABN Amro and Lloyds TSB.  She has also presented at many IFRS conferences in London, Europe, the Middle East and Far East, India and Africa.  In the UK, she has presented at IFRS courses for lawyers, through the College of Law, as well as for accountants.


She has undertaken two recent exercises for the UK regulator, the Financial Reporting Council, to perform a survey of compliance with IFRS 2 and IFRS 3.  Shan recently presented the IFRS 3 findings to both the Society of Share & Business Valuers (SSBV) and the Valuation Special Interest Group of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAEW).


Shan has also been engaged by the ICAEW to write guidance on the application of IFRS 3 (revised 2008) and to prepare responses to Exposure Drafts issued by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB).


Shan acted as a technical consultant to the International Valuation Standards Committee (IVSC) and drafted its Discussion Paper and Exposure Drafts on the valuation of intangible assets.  Shan is a contributing author to Practical Share Valuation, 5th Edition, published by Tottel, for which she wrote the sections addressing valuations for IFRS purposes.  Shan has written articles on IFRS 2 and IFRS 3, included in Q Finance, The Ultimate Financial Resource, published by Bloomsbury in 2009, and available from its website www.qfinance.com.


Shan has undertaken many valuation exercises in accordance with IFRS requirements.


Shan holds a masters degree in mathematics from Cambridge University.  In her spare time Shan is a keen golfer and skier.

Shân Kennedy MA FCA


"Shan's regular IFRS updates for us have been very helpful and I look forward to the next one soon.  She is always right up-to-date and absolutely on the nail."


David Haigh

CEO Brand Finance plc